Okay, I’m tired of hearing how Anna and Elsa are physical copies of Rapunzel, so I’m giving my analysis. Before I do, however, I need you all to remember that this is MY opinion, so while it’s okay to disagree, please don’t be rude. 
Face Shape: If you pay attention, Rapunzel has a heart-shaped face with a pointier chin, while Anna and Elsa have circular faces with softer edges. 
Eye Shape: First, Elsa has longer eyelashes than the other two. Second, Rapunzel’s eyes are more circular and have a curious sort of emotion to them. Elsa and Anna have eyes that are still wide and circular, but have more of an almond shape than Rapunzel’s. As for emotion, Elsa’s eyes have this constant fear in them until the end, while Anna’s are more loving and lively. 
Nose/Lips: Anna and Rapunzel do have similar lips, but Elsa’s are fuller. As far as noses go, Anna and Elsa have smaller noses, and Elsa’s is sort of turned up at the end. 
So the three of them actually aren’t as similar as you might think, if you look more closely.